How it all started……


SoftDimension has its roots in Human Resources and Health & Safety consulting services dating back to the late 80s


Seeing an emerging need for a Canadian based Human Resources software for the Health and Public sector, it launched it first Unix version in 1991

followed in 1992 with the release of WinGRH, a completely redesigned window based multi clients multi database Human Resources bilingual system.


WiGRH covered all aspects of Human Resources and Health and Safety management and tracking activities for every Province and sectors of the Canadian economies.



After adapting WinGRH to every significant legislative changes affecting the Canadian HR and H&S landscape over the years, SofDimension ceded it interests and client base

to a US based entity in 2000.


In  2002, SoftDimension embarked into a new adventure with the release of a LAN based learning management system ( SoftTCMS) offering management and tracking

of traditional classroom learning for training firms .It also managed the re-training and re-certification process and the coordination of training resources such as classrooms bookings

and the scheduling teaching staff and facilitators.


Overtime, SoftTCMS evolved into a web-based platform and transformed itself into a full and legitimate LMS supporting both traditional and e-learning as well as

the on-line client managed and self enrollments into classroom courses, e-courses or any other planned gathering or event.


Now SoftTCMS has become CogniSHARE with the above mentioned features along with the added features of a Client Zone for posting of their own on-line material such as

Podcasts, notices, SOP, company orientation documents, benefit booklets etc.


In addition, CogniSHARE has the ability to offer a full occurrence ( Accident, Incident and other events ) recording and tracking system supported by a task management module with

its own e-follow up and e-reminders. This module shares the same employee data already in place for the LMS as well as the existing bi-directional interface with many HR systems via

batch or server to server connections


CogniSHARE  has no browser constraint and supports any SCORM and AICC courses versions as well as non SCORM and non AICC courses and tests.